Aug 28, 2013

A Financial Blog, Maybe?

I am THAT bored in Perth. So many things have happened in the past couple of months, it would be great if I could take my mind of them. I love the world of economics and finance, so I figured why not just get myself a financial blog.

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What IF

What if I reactivate this blog? Huh..

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Feb 14, 2011

i just might

for my parents, i just might consider forfeiting the new york dream and stay in malaysia.. haven't decided, i'll leave it to my parents, if they'd follow me there, i'll not hesitate to go there, if not, i shall stay..

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Jan 6, 2011

Mum, Dad, everything i told u guys about, i wasn't joking

Was talking with my folks on skype, i remembered mentioning something about not going back to Msia after my degree, that's where everything started. Every one of close friends and family are aware that 'Move to New York City' is on the top of my to-do-list since forever. Judging fr0m the tone of my parents while talking to me (although the exact words not spoken) on that issue, i was pretty sure that they weren't convinced that i have set my course straight to moving to the big apple, and even if they do, they weren't showing their full support (and i don't mean financially). Dad actually questioned my decision and asked why do i not want to settle down in M'sia.

Truth to be told, i'm not at all happy the way that country is handled, racial issues are still in the country's way even after decades of debate (at least those in the US are better at handling their racial issues), this place is definitely least of where i want my children to grow up in. MYR, the other reason why i would not like to settle down in Msia, it makes traveling to other parts of the world 3 times more expensive as compared to tourist from the US and Aus and unless you own a very large pile of stocks in large corporations (which is also hardly to be seen in Msia), you'll be literally living your whole life within M'sia, and with those crappy 4k/month salary, the furthest you'll be able to afford is Hatyai. The conservative asian culture is also crap and till this day, its the culture that i blame for my low self confident. Why choose to be in a developing nation with crappy conservative culture when your children have the chance of moving to the much better, already developed, and the most advance nation in the world with an advantage of being able to stand out of the crowd for not fearing to voice out their opinions as to not being influenced by the generally conservative and shy asian culture.

Believe it or not, i have spent countless hours thinking on how to work this out, i have thought of ways to get the green card, how to raise money to pay for rent/mortgage for the first few months in the state before actually getting a job there, and ultimately, how to support my parents there. I do realize that it is a very big decision im trying to make here (thx for reminding), having to leave my family and friends for however long period to achieve something that i really want.

My parents might never look through this blog (or anyone else) since it has been inactive since probably the stone age. Here, i'd like to lay out my plans to move to the empire state:

Plan 1:
Finish my degree, work in Aus or elsewhere for some time before applying for a postgraduate degree in a university in US, hence easing the application of the US green card, finish the masters degree, obtain the green card and settle down there, bring my parents over when income has stabilized.

Plan 2:
Finish my degree, apply for an internship in the US (which i highly doubt that it will work as im a freaking ASIAN), apply for a work permit visa, bring my parents over when income has stabilized.

Plan 3:
Get an absolutely good grade, get a scholarship to a postgraduate program in the States.

Plan 4:
The US diversity green card draw, won't count too much on that, only 50,000 people will be chosen per year.

Plan 5:
Investors visa.. the riskiest and as the last resort after all above plan has failed. I'd have to get enough fund to actually acquire a company in USA to gain control for me to even be entitled for this visa.

p/s: i do also mean it when i said that i totally lose interest in asian girls. I'm pretty aware that im also an asian (which i am definitely not proud of) and that my chances are pretty slim, but what the heck, i'd rather be single than dating a normal asian girl. NO OFFENSE.

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Oct 28, 2010

Blue Eyes Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, yes, all my princesses shall have blue eyes =D They are just so beautiful, adorable and eye-cathing!!!

Photo courtesy Lisa Barnes Photography, they have the cutest babies there, seriously..

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Oct 23, 2010

I'm Awesome

I see the awesomeness in me

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Oct 8, 2010

'10 Autumn Wishlist

I know, its spring in Aus, Aus's season is kinda opposite to the rest of the world, actually, everything here is opposite from the others, who lives such a boring life? so i based mine on the westerns..

It will be exactly 3 months since i first lay my ass here in another 2 days.. which means that i have been complaining that Perth is a boring and sucky place for the past 3 months, and i don't plan to stop any time soon.. Ok, i'll stop that crap.. here's the wishlist..

4. Shades
Yeah, the old RayBan or the newer Oakley.. DOESN'T MATTER =D Sun is kinda bright and chicks are kinda hot, so shades help *wink*

3. Contacts
Hate to wear specs the whole time, and shades are on my 4th wish list. Contacts are the temporary solution to a laser eye surgery I'm so gonna get later..

2. HTC HD2
I'm so sick of those iPhones and BlackBerries these days.. EVERYONE is using them!! in some way BB, which i considered the best phone previously, is such a common now, their uniqueness kinda smeared.. HD2 in the other hand, has not been seen anywhere in this piece of land, its cool, classy, big-screened, and most important of all BLACK.. but.. there is 1 prob, keypads are no where to be seen.. kinda dislike full touch screen cells.. =/

1. iPad
Thanks Mr. Jobs for holding.. =D My parents know this best, have been nagging for like ages.. how cool to have 1!!!

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