Oct 8, 2010

'10 Autumn Wishlist

I know, its spring in Aus, Aus's season is kinda opposite to the rest of the world, actually, everything here is opposite from the others, who lives such a boring life? so i based mine on the westerns..

It will be exactly 3 months since i first lay my ass here in another 2 days.. which means that i have been complaining that Perth is a boring and sucky place for the past 3 months, and i don't plan to stop any time soon.. Ok, i'll stop that crap.. here's the wishlist..

4. Shades
Yeah, the old RayBan or the newer Oakley.. DOESN'T MATTER =D Sun is kinda bright and chicks are kinda hot, so shades help *wink*

3. Contacts
Hate to wear specs the whole time, and shades are on my 4th wish list. Contacts are the temporary solution to a laser eye surgery I'm so gonna get later..

2. HTC HD2
I'm so sick of those iPhones and BlackBerries these days.. EVERYONE is using them!! in some way BB, which i considered the best phone previously, is such a common now, their uniqueness kinda smeared.. HD2 in the other hand, has not been seen anywhere in this piece of land, its cool, classy, big-screened, and most important of all BLACK.. but.. there is 1 prob, keypads are no where to be seen.. kinda dislike full touch screen cells.. =/

1. iPad
Thanks Mr. Jobs for holding.. =D My parents know this best, have been nagging for like ages.. how cool to have 1!!!

----------post ends here----------

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