Feb 5, 2010


There were times, when one felt like doing something, fearing about the uncertainties and scaring of the worst that might happen out of it... this is when a little push from someone really does matter a lot and might impact a lot.. we used to call that encouragement, and sometimes, it really does make a whole lot of difference to someone..

Take myself as an example, i was very very uncertain when the thought of changing to an economic course came to mind. Economics was like being in a totally different world from the engineering world i'm in now, there were new terms, new concepts, new rules and everything seemed alien to me.. knowing the uncertainties i was having, my parents told me, if i was sure that economics is be the one for me, i should go for it no doubt.. It was that encouragement that took me to a whole new level, i started reading business/economic articles, started to take notice of global economic trends and so on..

In contrary, if it wasn't that push, i would had just forget about taking know those economical issues happening around me, and won't even bother to read those StarBiz articles.. In the end, i might end up doing something i don't at all like in the future..

Here are two inspirational videos out of the many circulating around the web.. they do highlight the word "Encourage" a lot..

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