Jan 30, 2010

Post-exam Update

Exam was over like, a couple of days ago, and i used the next two days adjusting my biological cock.. =.= so now, im tired, and i mean tired for the whole day, day and nite, 24/7.. much thanks to 'a cup of coffee a day, keeps your sleep away', i had like, almost 15-20 cup of coffee for the whole exam period, and for the last 3 days of exam, i had only 6 hours of sleep (for the 3 days) and now im practically tired the whole time >.<

So, exam was in the previous chapter, its gonna be CNY soon, and it means i'll be going to shop for my new clothes, in fact, i will be going to Gurney Plaza with mum and sis soon.. oya, dad's in a company trip to Bangkok, enjoying the sun, the tut-tuts, the temples, the...(don't really like Thailand, so i don't really care what do they have there) so, practically he is enjoying there, and enjoying his photography sessions there @.@ will wait for the photos..

Not really in a mood of blogging now actually, but my blog seemed lifeless, so thought of adding some updates to it.. haha.. just recovered from the sore throat + flu + cough i got from my exam period, just in time to get well for CNY.. god bless.. lol..

Since CNY is so near, i'd like to make a request for an item. XD i hereby announce that i SERIOUSLY need a watch, and dad, i had been asking for like ages, so why don't you just buy me 1? *wink wink* I even watched out for your budget, this cheap watch:

instead of the expensive:

and :

See, i do watch out for your wallet, dad, the 1st watch is like 1/70 of the second watch and 1/10 of the third watch.. im such a good kid XD

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