Apr 25, 2010

Post-exam Update 2

Could do more on the title, but was too lazy to... so...will leave it this way.. anyways, this is just a short post to show that i'm still alive.. =D

Had quite a disciplined lifestyle after the exams, everyday, without fail, i will eat, steam and then sleep, which is pretty much the routine..

Promised to finish 'the 7habits of a highly effective person' but it doesn't seem as easy as it sounded.. that book is darn boring and practically a pain in the ass reading it.. i'm actually not interested in it, took up the promise just to challenge myself.. =D guai gu rite? and yea, i have a total of 3 more books to finish which mounted up to 2500 pages.. HOW IN HELL AM I GONNA FINISH IT?? nvm, guess i'll ask my parents to send it to me later via courier when im in Perth..

Currently waiting for the final exam's result.. after the results (if i passed all) i'll be waiting for the uni's firm offer letter, so its pretty much a period of waiting waiting and waiting.. wanted to look for a job, but if i managed to get all my papers passed, i'll be taking off probably by june or july.. so, will see how it goes..

Guess that's all for the day.. will update later (if i'm in the mood) =DD

----------post ends here----------

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