Apr 28, 2010

What I've Done For The Past 2 Days

Had two farewells in 2 consecutive days which also translates to having 2 heavy dinners in a roll.. i can't imagine how much workout should be done to burn off those calories gained =.= none of the photos from those farewells will be displayed here, and i can't be blamed for not taking any pictures, i don't even have my own camera!!! so guess you guys will only get to see those photos once they were uploaded into facebook by my friends..

Btw, i had wonderful times with my classmates, i enjoyed a lot.. i even received my birthday present from them:

Thank you guys a bunch!!! the boxers will be very very useful!!! @.@

Am going on a family trip to Cameron Highland for 3 days, starting in 4.5hours from now.. this trip is the 1st trip since a thousand years ago, and i'm not kidding ('a thousand years' as in metaphor), we haven't had a trip together since a very very long time ago, mum and dad is just too reluctant to go for a trip, they used to say that the house is where a family should be @.@ there's nothing i can do but to agree with them..

there were times i mentioned in twitter that i'd prefer the trip to be postponed to the week after this, cause there will be a photography fair by the weekend, there's a 25% chance of me getting a camera if dad goes to that fair, but there's only a mere 5% chance that dad will go to that fair =[ at least i have some chance rite? and and and if i really got the camera by then, i can do some test shots in Cameron =DD

Guess i'll mark the full stop here, still have a bag to pack =/chaoz..

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