May 5, 2010


Was exactly 1 week since we set foot in Cameron Highland, the weather was AWESOME!!! the average temperature was around 19~25 degree Celsius and i loved it the way it was, it rained a little but wasn't much a problem..

Scenery there was spectacular yet the one i love most was from the BOH tea plantation..

Items bought:
1) half a fridge of strawberries:
2) 12 bottles of strawberry jam
3) 3 bottles of strawberry cordial
4) 1 bottle of strawberry topping
5) 3 bottles of honey
6) 2 bottles of propolis extraction
7) 15bucks worth of veggie
8) 2kgs of corns
9) 2kgs of sweet potatoes
10) a box of ceylon tea
11) flowers (not sure bout the price)

guess that's it (was too boring, so i listed all out =.=), am not sure what else i left out.. the strawberry part was a little too much, and i guess that was enough to supply us for a full year of strawberry crave (to clarify, we gave out 3/4 of strawberries, strawberry cordial and strawberry jams, haven't lost our minds to keep everything to ourselves)..

daddy, 1 more time i see you using the phone while driving, i'll issue you a summon before the police do..

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