Aug 11, 2010

I Need Cash!!

A month ago i arrived, a month later, impretty mush still in square 1 - unemployed.. i seriously wonder how am i going to earn the bucks to fly back during the holidays; i can hardly buy myself a bus ticket now!! funnily, some guy from curtin sarawak campus told me that perth has many part-time jobs and the competition ain't fierce.. BULLSHIT!! =.= i think i just gave away like.. 5 resumes with no replies?

Well, life had changed a little since i first got here, can't expect much from such a slow-paced area huh? maybe i should be happy to have at least something to do here!! unlike my uncle, the only thing he does is to watch tv, and to throw his money on the betting table.. lifeless much.. guess i should start saving up for to rent a house in the future, just got to know he mortgaged his own house just to gamble, poor aunty who has to pay for it.. =[ well, he made me realize something though, casinos are really cash generators, like SERIOUS CASH GENERATORS!! he lost almost a million to them @.@ now i know how uncle Lim got his billions.. fyi, Burswood casino and hotel were formally owned by him.. good place to invest in the future..

I have to be in the uni for 9hours tomorrow and with only a single 2hour break in the middle, it will be like, 5hours straight of classes, 2hours of break and the last 2hours in class again... just realize i have only 7hours left to sleep.. don't feel like sleeping at all now.. miss home a lot now.. miss those cheap food, miss my bed, miss my super computer, miss my dumbbells, miss the swimming pool, miss the car (not really the car, just miss having a car, so i don't have to take a bus everywhere), miss to not have to worry for job, and most of all, i miss being to seeing my family the whole time.. i can still see my parents everyday now, but through a not-too-clear webbie.. not the webbie's fault actually (in fact dad just bought a 250bucks webbie so that i can see them clearer), it was the sucky malaysian internet's fault >.<

Now i realize that i must seriously find ways to get cash, the legal way i mean.. i'm too lazy to work!! perhaps selling stuffs online? i'd seen news reports saying that there were people who earned thousands per week just by selling collectibles on the net.. and you'll wonder, just go get some collectibles and sell'em.. U THOUGHT SO EASY MEH??? seriously, i'll do so if i can find the sources of those collectibles, provided they are in a bargained price.. some days, i thought of gaining some cash through the stock market, well, i could use that as a practice 'coz i once heard that we'll be given an assignment in the future whereby a hundred will be allocated for us to invest and if we get earn more than some amount after some time, we'll be considered pass (those hundred grand would better be real).. but after a second thought, i don't really have the guts to invest in growth stocks.. there are only two outcomes from investing in those stocks, its either u earn a fortune or u go bust together with the company.. its too risky, i have my tuition fee at stake, better not try to commit a financial suicide.. i may only invest in blue chip companies as they provide steady profits (unless they get themselves into trouble), but there's a catch, those steady profits ain't significant (you might wana laugh your ass out even if there's only a 20% return of your investment after a year).. let's see, 20% of a 1000bucks is.. 200bucks.. so you are gonna earn only 200bucks after a year.. it is only worthwhile to invest in blue chips stocks if you have large sum of capital, oya, and that's how Mr. Buffett got his 'third richest man in the world' title..

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