Aug 1, 2010

OZ My God!! Get Me Outta Here!!!

The very last time i posted an update, i was 4,443.91km away from where i am now... yes perth, the peaceful city (when i say peaceful, i don't really mean to like it) i won't say that i like being in a dangerous place where bombs were dropped everywhere, mafias ruling over the police, its just that perth.. its a nice place for retirement, not quite a good place to put a teenage boy that likes to go out every time.. (guess friends and family i'm gonna come out with this complaint in my blog)

It's cold now, expecting a 5degree Celcius night, 11.37pm now and i should be in bed for my 1st class tomorrow.. i can't believe its only a couple of weeks ago since my parents left me here, alone, it was like AGES ago.. seriously, time passed by damn slow here.. i did expect a lifestyle similar to this, but, its way worst than what i imagined..

I was told by my cousin that my face got rounder (didn't see that coming).. haha, but i can't expect much, i ate a lot, i mean A WHOLE DAMN LOT!!! i did jog, but still, it ain't enough to burn off the calories i gained.. so.. guess i'll be fatter and rounder if i don't do it at all.. and i'm so in need of a set of dumbbells which is soooo much expensive here..

Talking about prices.. i mean if u don't convert it to Malaysian Ringgit (as in dollar per dollar) the food are DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! cheapest meal in the campus that will half fill your tummy? a 6Aud burger.. i would have to walk for 15minutes to get to a cheaper alternative, a 4.5Aud chicken rice (don't forget the 15minutes walk back to campus).. there are no cheap food here, guess that chicken rice is the best value for money in the whole W.A... coffee is cheap though, 4~5bucks for a large cup of coffee.. besides coffee, other drinks aren't quite a recommendation if u are trying to save some bucks.. 1 thing real funny here, a 2L coke is cheaper than a 625ml coke.. its the same coke, same flavor, same packaging, just different in volume.. makes no sense =.=

Kinda late now, will continue my complaint in twitter or in the next post.. please excuse me for for any grammatical error, seriously, it wasn't intended, i type what i have in head and i have no more energy to go through it once more for any grammatical errors.. ain't a good move, don't try this at home.. night pals..

----------post ends here----------

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