Jan 5, 2010


It's time for me to pick the right university (or more to them picking me =.=). Either ways, i'd picked a few, which i'll let them pick me later on.. =D

Since i have my aunt and uncle living in Perth, there might be chances that Perth may be my next education destination (not 100% sure though, but otherwise, its KL)..If i were to study in Perth, accommodation wouldn't be much an issue, although it may take me a little longer to travel to either universities (which is least of my concern) compared the students' accommodation facilities near the respective universities.

Went talking to a university's representative yesterday with my parents and found out that my diploma was actually recognized and it shocked a hell outta me (had even thought of discontinuing my diploma and to hit A-levels instead). Was thinking of Curtin UOT at first, but since a person from the education counseling firm told us that UWA may accept my diploma too, it quickly became my first choice (but i don't really think UWA will accept, since it calls itself some sort of 'PRESTIGIOUS').

Got a collection of booklets from the universities too:

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