Jan 1, 2010

Strike out 2009 and tick 2010

Its the 1st day of a new year and no need for me to mention, we all know that its the starting of the end of the decade, so thought it would be great to have my blog updated..

To review the past year:
Much had happened in the year 2009, and some had even changed me dramatically.. will list out those which i would like to emphasize on..

Spent the whole 2009 in college, did not enjoy going to college, every semester was like a raging battle against electronics stuffs, laws, mathematics, theories, equations, electrical components and more.. but no worries, 4more months to go.. and im free!!!!! (provided i didn't fail any of the subjects) and it should be, by then, the time of most dilemma, to decide which university to go for.. Besides that, 2009 was also the year i broke with my ex, and regain my freedom XD was so happy for getting back all my freedom and now i should appreciate all that im having.. XD

Year 2009 was also an important year as it decided which path i should proceed for my studies - the finance path.. In that year, i realized whom i would turn to when i had any non-academic problems and to whom i would share my feelings with.

Resolutions for the new year:
1) to finish my diploma ASAP
2) to spend more time with my family
3) to get enrolled in a university that is at least better than TARC or UTAR =.=
4) to learn more and perhaps to start an investment portfolio
5) kick Choo's balls when he is back in M'sia =D
6) GET A WATCH!!!!!

Ok, the last 2 might be a little bit overboard.. but who cares, its MY resolution and i get to choose what i like.. So, be careful Choo =]

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