Jan 6, 2010

The Jun's 3 'Self' Rule

This post would probably be the last update i'll make until the end of my examinations, which is on the 27th of January.

The examination worries me, but 1 thing worries me even more.. my life and studies after the diploma.. My parents made me realize that IF (a big IF here) i were to go to Aus to continue my studies, i must work not just to earn myself a living, but also to subsidize part of my own tuition fee.

Let me do the calculations here:
Each week, i would have to work for 20hours (minimum), attend around 20hours of class, take around 20hours of bus to school (2hours per way, to-and-fro means 4hours per day, 5days per week means 20hours per week). Sum all up and it will be 60hours.

Each week, we have 7x24hours = 168
1/3 of the time goes to sleeping = 1/3 x 168 = 56
Left time = 168-60-56 = 52hours

The remaining 52hours per week includes bathing, eating, revising, home-working, finding more ways to generate income and everything else. Who said studying abroad will be easy?

Then i started to realize, the 3 years of study in Aus would eventually come to a dead end if i still continue to laze around, staring the computer all the time, waiting for others to finish their home works 1st so that i can copy and do all those stupid, nonsense + non-beneficial stuffs. Not trying to prove that i'd changed, its all just pure logical thinking here, the graduating cert will never be in my hands if things continued this way..

So, for my new year's resolution (since its just less than a week after new year, i still get the chance to alter my resolutions XD), i would like to add these :

7) Adapt self-discipline in life.
8) Learn to have self-esteem.
9) Enhance self-confidence.

Wow, those were 3 'self's... and i shall call it the Jun's 3 'Self' Rule.. won't be forgetting the 5th new year resolution, choo.. XD

Oya, the above 3 rules will only be implemented AFTER arriving in Aus. haha.. so, T&C applies.. Guess i'll still be enjoying life for now (while i still can).. =D

----------post ends here----------

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