Mar 5, 2010

I'm Still Alive!!

I have been disappearing from the triple-W since a long time (except for Facebook and Tweeter).. wasn't quite in a mood to go online in my Live Messenger nor to update my blog.. kinda pity my widowed blog..

Life was same old, was trying my best to finish the Friends series ASAP so i can get back to do other things that means more in life =.= talking about Friends, Joey was soo hilarious!! can't stop laughing when his stupidity strikes.. After this series, i have 3 books waiting for me.. 2 investment books and an economic books.. boring rite? not to me.. kinda like those lately, and i have no idea why, and i kept track of news of giant companies and the US Fed a lot lately.. I'M SO GETTING OLD NOW!!!! wait, i'm not, but my mind is!!! so not cool!!! but no worries, i won't be talking bout the economical issues nor stuffs related to companies here, don't wana scare you readers away.. XD

Its March and i'm still holding all the university's application form, not sure am i considered late, but there will be an Australia Edu fair in G hotel this weekend, will totally go check it out and submit those forms by then.. so, the list of institutes i'm applying for is down to 3 universities and 2 colleges.. They are all in the Western Australia.. hope they all will be offer me a place *fingers crossed*

Dad bought me a watch i had long waited for for doing the best among all exams of the past (still not good, but better).. was considering a French Connection before the current , but dad pulled out the crown of the watch and the whole thing just came out @.@ the promoter was shocked, dad was shock and i was shocked too.. didn't know French Connection watches have such crappy quality.. and so, i bought this instead :

Love this watch much.. i think i'll regret buying the French Connection.. Dad disliked the French Connection one since the beginning, he said it was a fashion watch, and will probably not last long, guess the pull of the watch's crown proved him right.. BTW, thanks dad for the watch.. and thanks mum and dad for the support.. =D

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