Mar 7, 2010

*Too Lazy To Think of A Title*

I hate going back to Sungai Petani, i'll get fat going back there.. its like a food fiesta the whole day.. first was the heavy lunch, then comes lots of not-too-lite snacks and at last, to sum up the day, a heavy dinner.. i'll never get the chance to even maintain my body weight by going back to SP often.. =.=

It is kind of a peak season for education fairs this time of the year, you know, STPM results were just announced and SPM results will be out in another 3 days time, every college and universities around the world are trying to grab as much intake as possible.. In just a day, me and my family had already went to 2 education fairs.. In the morning was the Star edu. fair and in the afternoon, the Australia edu. fair in G-Hotel.. went to the Star edu. fair for my sis, she was trying to get some 'ideas' on which course and college (or the sixth form) to persue.. next was the Australia edu. fair, and it was for me..

Inquired from a representative of UWA on some information regarding courses to be taken if i were to be a financial analyst in the future, yet me and my family ended up getting a lecture from that guy for like, 20 minutes... i wasn't any clearer on which degree should i go for, and was made confused + in a dilemma for a while... he was very informative, but in a wrong way, and ironically, i kinda agree on what he told me, that's the reason i was in dilemma for a while, doubting if i chose the right path to study @.@

Its the last semester in the college and i'll have only 1 shot to finish my diploma course, any fails will send me to deferment to the university.. i should and must try all the best to finish this diploma, hence putting a full stop on my engineering education.. really hope things go well this time.. *fingers crossed*

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