Mar 21, 2010

Make Me Happy..

Had been slacking a little these days.. or maybe a lot, or maybe i wasn't doing my work at all @.@ but here i am, back in the blog-sphere.. It's the 5th week (and the 2nd last week) im in college, i'd better start on my mathematics, calculus is freaking hard!!! after that, (hopefully) i'll be getting my graduation certificates and may be heading to Aussie in either June or October (it depends on the college/university i choose)..

I have this 1 last wish list before leaving M'sia, yet i don't think i'll get to own any, at least in the nearest future (that was why they were in the 'wish list' not the 'wanted list') =.=

The Countdown:

5. Ray Ban Aviator
Previously mentioned, nothing too special bout these shades, just that the design, i really do like it a lot.. its so damn cool.. and nonetheless, every celebrity has one of those..

4. Nikon D5000

This camera isn't really a must-have but, it will make my day better having one of that.. kinda like snapping scenery lately.. you know.. those black and white type of scenery pictures? i like those, in fact, i'm having one of those as my desktop wallpaper.. its a black and white photo of a street somewhere in England.. i just love it.. and i love pictures of city skylines too.. and they all come from this buddy..

3. iPod Touch
People will be wondering, why not get an iPhone instead? the fact is, i don't really like my phone and my mp3 player to be bundled in a device, im not sure why i have that thinking... why the iPod Touch instead of the normal iPods? dad got his iPhone lately and i kinda like the App Store and the web browser, this device is capable of full web browsing, which means you can play your Facebook games from it.. wow.. and Tap Tap Revenge from Tapulous was cool too... =D

2. BlackBerry Bold 9700
Ow yeah.. the ninety-seven hundred.. i loved it even before it was launched.. look at it, the elegance, the glossy front cover and the leather back cover.. just love it.. the only reason this baby is in the second placing was that my current cell is still functioning (with some faults though)..

1. MacBook/MacBook Pro
I'm currently using a desktop at home (which i love a lot) and since i will be going to Aussie soon, it seems that a notebook will come in handy.. i don't pick the MacBook for no reasons, yet it's looks wasn't the only reason it appears on top of my wish list.. dad said MacBooks tend to have the shortest start-up time among its rivals.. and oya oya.. it has an nVidia graphic card bundled... performance-wise, guess it kinda belongs to the 'above-average' class... so... guess those will be the reasons i choose it.. =D

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