Mar 13, 2010


A trip back from Sungai Petani marked the start of my 2-week ground at home... don't misunderstand, i did nothing wrong, and was a total good boy (and i always was =D) since dengue cases in my grandma's housing area back in Sungai Petani were getting serious by day, dad decided to bring granny back for a stay in our house for a fortnight or so..

Fyi, dad sold off his old Mercedes to make way for the newer-but-still-old car (which i don't think he will ever get it from his bosses before i graduate from college, and i have a feeling that i won't even have the chance to take a ride on it since i might be leaving for Australia in either July or October or February 2011).. btw, i'm back to taking bus to college which was 17km from home and at the meantime, the only transport of the family is the good old Perodua My-vi... Granny is non-distant-walking-able, her wheelchair won't fit into our cute little My-vi (now i kinda miss the Mercedes's large boot capacity), and all these translates to the whole family staying at home for the whole 2-weeks of granny's stay..

Not trying to complain here... but... OK!!! so i'm complaining here, so what? i'm not those who can sit at home the whole day, and most of my friends know this fact well, a little complain here is still acceptable ok? its not like i'm protesting anyway..

Dad shouldn't had sold the Mercedes that early, he was worried he won't be able to sell the car before the road tax expires, and he was not even the one paying for the road tax.. seriously dad should only sell the car after the new car is confirmed available... now, the old car is sold, and look who is the troubled one? me!!! taking the bus to the college from komtar and back to komtar from the college everyday just ain't fun!!! see what happens now, the fcuking KL side haven't started looking for the new car, and we are here, all stuck with a small car... Social life? don't ever think about it until dad gets the new car.. =.=

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