Nov 22, 2009

Exhausted Much!!

I'm so done with Pg bridge run, i cant run, but i ran half way through o.0 surprisingly long distance for me (you have to consider the fact that i'm not a runner la).. now i can barely stand.. and all i wanted to do was to sleep until the cows come home.. oya, btw, i'm so craving for food now.. after all those running, and sweating and walking.. =.= wanted to go grab a plate in mamak and ask for "tambah nasi... x10"

so, now, Pg bridge run is over, and Starwalk is next.. have no idea why i joined all these marathons/walkathons knowing that i can't run.. but it was good time spent with parents, minus the part when we were waiting for each other =.= we were supposed to wait for each other in coffee bean, but instead, dad waited for us at the finishing line (he ran the whole 10km and was the fastest among us =.=), he missed me and mum, we waited at coffee bean for quite some time, knowing that dad will be 1st at the finish line, me and mum thought that dad went to grab some 100plus or whatsoever (oya, digi was giving away pisang that time, haha!!!), sis was the last, *lame* school rep in volleyball konon.. and somehow, later on, mum got lost the second time =.= won't talk bout that, this post will end up a page long if i tell the whole thing.. so, at last, we met, walked back to the car, which was almost a kilometer away.. serious shit..

now, thanks to all the extreme exercises, my leg aches and i am carving for food, tired much too..

mathematics 5 test is tomorrow, wish me luck.. tired even to study too =.=

chaoz, gotta go grab my brunch..

----------post ends here----------

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