Nov 23, 2009

Glove = Ferarri California

You would probably wonder what the title meant.. Those who came across the news will know what i mean..

Was stated in the Sun today, a hongkie businessman bought a glove wore by King of Pop the 1st time he performed Moon Walk back in 1989.. Guess the price? Well, the price somehow sore more than 20times its estimates, a staggering US$ 350k (1.2million bucks in m'sia) and that was the price before commissions and tax charges.. heard it from that the net price of the glove was RM1.7million =.= big time spender la, that fella, maybe it was considered a retail therapy to him? o.0

Just to compare, i'll take the Ferrari California since i was always a supercar fanatic.. for the same price tag, you'll get 454 horses working for you at 7600rpm, a 4.3L V8 engine and a whole lot of attention from peoples.. sounds like a better offer right?

Or for the same amount of money, you can buy a considerably big house, a family car.. why spend all those money on a glove (not a pair, its 1 side of it since MJ wears only 1 sided gloves).. one thing's for sure, the value of the glove doesn't depreciate much, maybe it isn't worth that kinda money too >.< but the Ferrari California will definitely depreciate half its price in half a year.. lol...

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