Nov 18, 2009

'MERRY' Sleepless Night 'MERRY'

It's 3am in the morning.. M'sian time i mean (since i have many friends outstation, i almost forget in which time zone am i in =.=) .. and yea, did i tell you that i gotta wake up at 7? blame it all on the caffeine.. but i had my coffee around 6pm @.@ almost 9hours ago.. WTH..

While i was rolling on my bed, far left to right.. ok, kidding.. what i meant was.. while i was on my bed, trying to have my eye-close moment so i can somehow get tired and sleep, something kept reminding me of the day of celebration i had loved since i was a kid.. =D

see the snow.. so peaceful..

CHRISTMAS!!! jingle bells~~ jingle bells~~ aww.. how sweet.. 1 more month to go!!!!! i just like, no no, i mean LOVE everything about christmas.. the sound of bells, the snow(currently not available in M'sia), the christmas carols, the christmas tree, the warm fireplace (unavailable in M'sia too) those raindeers, the BIG FAT SANTA (HAHA!!! caught ya, where's my present?)!!!! and the list goes on and on.. see how much we miss out in M'sia during christmas..

Imagine having tea with loved ones in your warm cozy house near the fireplace with a christmas tree beside you and a bright shinny star on top of the it while snow is pouring outside and your children running around the house.. and last but not least.. the christmas carols... how peaceful can it be anymore..

haha, here u are!!! thinking of what pressie to give me? XD

Christmas is so pure and warm and peaceful.. just hope everyday is christmas.. =] makes me happy everytime i think of christmas and felt so calm and peaceful listening to christmas carols.. changed my blog's playlist to an all-christmas-carol playlist.. so cool.. =]

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