Nov 10, 2009

Stop the fun.. it's work time..

Since this semester started, i was in "all play and no work" mode.. seriously.. i totally forgot the aim!!! my CK watch!!!! omg!!

It was all about the watch!!!! hey.. but the good part of it.. i managed to finish Heroes and Rich Dad.. and please don't get me started with Gossip Girls =.= no more series for now, seriously.. its the 6th week of the semester and class test will start on the 7th week.. will start to study on... TOMORROW!!! will keep my promise.. and i'll start with mathematics 5...

Lets see what are the subjects i am sitting for this sem..
1) Mathematics 3
2) Mathematics 5
3) Embedded Systems, Design and Application
4) Electrical Technology and Circuits
5) Digital System and Design
6) Software and Information System Engineering
7) Analogue Electronics
8) English for Engineering

8 subjects.. anyone from other courses who wants to compete? =.= i'm so gonna die this sem.. especially for embedded systems, i know nothing bout that subject and i don't know why am i even struggling to study all these subjects..

The only thing i'm looking forward to is to finish my diploma so i can continue my degree in econs.. btw, any recommendations on where to pursue my studies (restricted to M'sia and Aus - preferably not too pocket-burning)?

Lastly, to daddy.. the "7 habits of highly effective people" you lent me wasn't much interesting.. at least to me lah.. XD so might take a longer time to finish it.. haha... and i want the book about stocks =( the "i love stocks" you intro-ed me in MPH that day and the "the Warren Buffett way"
looks interesting... oya, enjoy your trip/training/being a millionaire in Jakarta (if you see this).. take care and come back soon, everything is fine at home, and your car is in good hands too =]

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