Nov 1, 2009

Papa Kaya!!!!

Dad bought me this book, <Rich Dad, Poor Dad> by Robert T. Kiyosaki from Popular today, read through the 1st 2 chapters and the next thing i realized was that i can't take my eyes of it!! it is way addictive than Heroes, Gossip Girls and all those engineering books added up together -.-

This book teaches you on finance management, and it was said to teach people to be millionaires, lol... but yea, im kinda interested in how money works for me... haven't finish reading yet though, so i won't give too much comment about it, but for the meantime, i'm liking this book.. and i think i might had found the kind of field i'm interested in..

Besides the 'daddy' book, i found yet another book, on the shelf.. I'll let the picture do the explaining..

This book was in the 'Self-improvement' section.. Why in hell must we learn how to date Paris Hilton? haha!!! I'd rather date Jessica Alba than her.. i know la, this book teaches people on how to boost their self confidence or whatsoever XD but again, why PARIS HILTON???? tak suka dia la!!!

By the way, thanks daddy for the book, you should read it too..

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