Dec 27, 2009

Punch-in-the-stomach Week

Never shall i forget.. the hectic-est week in my entire life.. you won't be able to survive this if you were any less tougher than me *proud* yea, Electronic Engineering course, year 2, sem 2, week 12, you'd carve yourself in my brain and i will never forget bout you.. imagine 2 presentations, 2 assignments and a test, all cramped in a single week and the best thing is, all were last minute jobs..

I did some part, but the credits should really go to my teammates as they really did a hard work to ensure the software is literally bug-free.. so sorry i can't help much, i suck in programming =.= and so, the week ended with a nice Christmas which i spent at home, doing things i like most, listening to soft music and to read some extra-curricular books (not the dirty ones), didn't get the chance to go for countdown this year, haih..

This week, especially Saturday, i'd been given a really really and very very important task that might determine the path of my future (exaggerated much) haha.. but, i'll still have to make the decision between furthering my studies to either Aus or KL..

Frankly speaking, KL, i have friends there, i can retain my baby desktop (and will not have to buy a lower spec laptop), the fee is cheaper, and everywhere in KL is easily accessible (minus the traffic jams which my friends kept complaining about) Aus, in the other hand, is a better place to study (i guess) and i'll have the chance to finally take a ride on an airplane *woohoo* but yet, i'll have to work to pay part of my tuition fees and can hardly meet my family... I have a feeling dad prefers Aus, he said i should learn the difficulties to earn money and at least strive in life to get things done, he is, however afraid of me getting too much freedom in KL.. i mean, come on, everything is so near to you.. me too, concern for my studies in KL, way too much distraction there... Seriously, Aus will be a better place to study compared to KL.. its really a hard decision to make.. now, the second problem, i'm not too sure whether do universities in Aus recognize my diploma.. can start to find unis in KL if the universities there don't recognize my paper.. Same problem goes to KL too.. regretted studying in TARC la, seriously, should go for SAM or A-levels instead..

well, its T minus 2weeks to exams.. guess i'll have to cut on usage of internet and start hammering my head to course-related books.. hate this point of time every sem =.= btw, wish every of my blog followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. =]

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