Sep 25, 2009

The eSupper..

What the hell is 'eSupper'? if you were guessing that i ordered my supper via the net or whatsoever, then i'll have to say "good try, but wrong".. in fact, i had my supper in a mamak shop with my friends.. and what is it to do with the prefix 'e'? well, 'e' doesn't stand for 'electronic' here but 'emo'.. and you should be asking, how can a supper be emo? is it me and my friends hugging each together to cry? er.. the answer is 'wrong' again..

Ok, i'll stop beating around the bush... there are only a few reasons a guy will turn emo.. one of it is the financial problem, which we, students don't really have.. the other is clear, the BGR problem.. so called 'boy-girl relationship' problem.. not me, but my friend(s).. then you'll be asking, why was i emo too? well, i did something stupid, very stupid indeed.. (don't bother asking, i'll never tell )

The relationship problem led me to a question.. "If there is a girl in mind that barely notices me, should i wait?" *note the 'IF'* Maybe giving up isn't a bad option after all... *sigh*

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