Sep 29, 2009

Hard Rocker Night

overall view of the hotel

front view of the cafe

two famous names

my mum is inside.. haha.. she likes to be photo shot XD

the signature logo

MJ up close

some wordings behind the wall of the entrance

the gigantic guitar behind those wordings on the wall

signature logo made out of light hanging on the ceiling

the other angle of it

the Beatles

Went to Hard Rock Hotel the other night with family.. i did enjoy the Batu Ferringhi Night Market part, but the Hard Rock Hotel part? Hmm.. not really... To Hard Rock Hotel, i would say: good work guys, for the advertising and concept, it has been the talk of the town for its grand opening (or even way back before it even open its door for business).. At some point, it does make me feel that they over-advertised because there is basically nothing so special about the hotel except for its concept and the brand itself(you'll know what i mean if you visited the hotel)..

I have to admit, i was pretty excited before stepping in the hotel.. the "Hard Rock Hotel" logo, the "Hard Rock Cafe" logo and the Micheal Jackson statue was just overwhelming for all those 1st-time visitors and Hard Rock fans.. the term "Hard Rock" isn't just an ordinary term, but a well-known term recognisable all around the world, i'll bet everyone has seen printed tees of Hard Rock Cafe from all around the world, and now, we have our very own here, in Penanag, thats what i call an adrenaline-pumper..

10mins of walking around the hotel and you'll realise you are back at the starting point (it was dark and i didn't visit the hotel's beach), but that was pretty much everything that hotel can offer.. The problem of advertising is, if you advertise something in such scale (in the case of Hard Rock Hotel), people will be expecting something that is more eye-popping, breathe-taking and mind-blowing, and not just an ordinary hotel with 3 concept shops, a pool, a couple of restaurants and pubs and a kid-care-taking centre (that was all i saw).. Kinda dissapointed for that.. my verdict? 2/5

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