Sep 27, 2009

Its 12pm, swimming? Anyone?

Had finish thanking B and G, should be Z's turn now.. it was a clear and beautiful friday morning.. the sun was shining and birds were chirping(ok, will cut the crap >.< ), Z asked me down to my house's/flat/apartment/condo/penthouse/resort/hotel (whatever you call it) pool for a swim.. Since the sunlight wasn't too strong, i thought it was good to have some exercise to kick start my day so i agreed to it.. we hit the pool around 11.30am, B and G arrived later (the 2 chickened out and didn't swim)..

I swam, but spent most of the time talking with friends >.<>.< thx Z again, for jio-ing me for a swim on that flesh-burning afternoon.. lol... why didn't he kena huh? he tanned abit too what... not fair lah...

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