Sep 21, 2009

xjun proudly presents...

The "Me" blog... the place where my life journals and thoughts converge.. No offence to those i might lay my opinions to, now or in the future.. And oya, all copyrights and trademarks are the properties of their respective owner, in case i posted something in the future that does not belongs to me... won't wana get sued for that =.=

Btw, about this blog... well, i wanted to start my own blog since a dozen years ago, but its either i do not have time or time does not have me (excuses and excuses and excuses) bla bla bla... but now, i finally have mine (quite a thing to be proud with).. haha.. well, erm.. this blog is also dedicated to someone, someone that i told that i will have my own blog soon.. haha.. the layout is abit simple.. but yea, simple is the way i like.. had been in dilemma for a couple of days about the layout i should use, and ended up with this, simple with some sense of class (at least to me).. =]

Well, nothing much to say.. stay cool everyone =]

----------post ends here----------

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