Sep 22, 2009

Really tired day indeed

Was thinking of hitting the pool for a swim today.. but just before the moment i had yet to make up my mind, buddies called and asked me out for a game of badminton.. and hell yeah, i haven't even recovered from the previous badminton session with david, demi, juey, wayne, kim, amber, brendon, ben, gene and don.. ermm.. recovering from the muscle pain i mean.. the truth is, i haven't been playing badminton since primary -.- and ouch, my biceps is still hurting, especially for the right bicep.. i can now feel some numbness at my fingertips.. wth..

orh.. and after the badminton session, we went to sunshine, bought a 1.5L 100plus and i managed to finish 75% of it before reaching home.. now you can see how badly dehydrated was i.. and my friends too.. G finished 83.437347% of his soya milk, but i still win, his soya milk was in a 1L packet.. lol.. ~cold~

had fun today.. but was totally used up.. and i somehow managed to only get a 2-hour sleep the night before.. tomorrow better be a better day.. im sick of all the muscle pains and spinning around with all those complicated stuff, leaving me wondering about this and that all the time...

for now, its a bye bye and before i forget... thanks 100plus, you saved my life today and to show my appreciation, i'll post a photo of you (advertisement fee free). =]

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