Sep 23, 2009

Xjun's Wishlist 2009

Do allow me to present you my top 6 most desired items of the year 2009.. haha.. just for fun.. =]

6. Dell M17x Alienware (full spec) - This monster is the most powerful computer Dell ever produced. Built in Core 2 Extreme and capable of delivering a clock speed of up to 2.53GHz, perfect for hi-def gaming and processing-power intensive programs. Well, the price tag will definitely burn a big hole in your pocket, might even burn your pants into ashes, but, will sure be cool to carry one of this around. =]

5. Tag Heuer Calibre S Chronograph - Don't really know how much this baby cost. But i'm sure the price won't differ much from the laptop above.. haha.. this timepiece will definitely boost your image in the public and a guy's image is like a power supply to every electrical appliance, which keeps you going on and on.. The design, a little complex yet retains some sense of simplicity.. well, its in the 5th placing mainly of its price..

4. Hugo Boss 0103/u glasses - Well, i bought my Ray Ban barely 3months ago, but i don't mind having an extra pair of glasses.. haha.. well, i saw this glasses while buying the Ray Ban but the price was just way out of budget and i have to forget about it... -.- Dude, you better hide in the corner of the shelf and don't let others get you, i promise to take you home once i can afford =.=

3. Calvin Klein Eternity For Men - Yeah, i need my own fragrance, so sick of sharing with my dad his Ralph Lauren -.- Yea, i tried CK Eternity before, and i likey it very much =] =] well, i don't think the smell is a bit too mature for me as said by some of my friends.. the scent is right at its optimum strength where it isn't too strong nor too mild.. its like 250bucks for a 100ml fragrance (if i wasn't wrong).. lol

2. Lacoste Shoes - A Lacoste shoe will definitely make me a
happy guy for the rest of the day, haha.. Bought my 1st All Star more recently than my glasses, but an extra pair of shoes will sure varietise my clothing options.. haha.. its not as i'm out of space to store my shoes XD

1. GAP Hoodie -
The thing i need now!!!!! I'm so short of hoodies now... lol... Wanna know why i chose GAP instead of other brands like Giordano or Nike? Well.. i like the "GAP" wording printed in front of the jacket XD Well, the hoodie is what i NEED now, the others mentioned above were just luxurious items, haha.. So, dad, if you so happen to read through my blog... haha... i think you'll know what to do XP

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