Dec 5, 2009

Broke A Promise For A Buddy

When a problem arises between a newer friends and a long time buddy, a buddy since primary school days i meant, no doubt i'll stand by my buddy's side, even though that means breaking a promise at the very last moment .. although breaking that promise means making the other party mad and even hate me, all i can say is, non of that is more important then standing by my buddy's side when he is in a problem..

Now all i can do is to apologize to that newer friend.. trust me, i do feel bad when i had to make that decision.. i know how hard was it for you to handle the situation back then, but to me, that was the right thing to do, and given a chance to choose sides again, i'll still stand to my buddy's side..

To that new friend : I'm sorry for breaking the promise at the very last minute and i apologize for all the inconvenience caused..

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