Dec 19, 2009

Done Playing

Had a tough week, have done 3 tests.. the coming week? its 1 test, 2 presentations and 2 or 3 assignments due... stressful week i had but to suppress it, i did 'SOME' gaming.. yea.. just 'SOME'.. =]

It started with Left 4 dead 2.. the zombie game.. the game play was similar to the previous version - Left 4 Dead, just with some additional zombies, weapons and maps.. might had some tweaks in the engine or graphics system, but i could barely notice it.. i still prefer playing this game with friends (which i did, in my house).. the game wasn't much a wait-worthy game.. nothing special indeed..

Next was the highly anticipated Call of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2.. I was crossing my fingers for the game to be released ASAP once finishing CoD4 and CoD5.. Was CoD6 a game worth playing? well, to me, i'll give it a 80% yes.. which also means that im rating this game a 80 out of 100.. why is it so? the game play was fabulous (the storyline, the switching of characters, and the challenging enemies, the maps and a whole lot of additional weapons), the graphic gave a 100% satisfaction (till now i still can't believe my computer managed to support this game to the max resolution @.@ amazing...) by now, you would be wondering, where did the other 20% went.. they were for the short game play.. the game ended when i started to get familiar with the controls.. i was like : erm, what happened? why the credits pop out of the sudden? and then, i realized, the game indeed ended.. was so damn disappointed, man..(managed to finish the game in 3 days, 4hours per day) =.= by the way, it was really a great game, keep up the good work, activision and infinity ward..

Was a fan of war-driven and strategy games since i started playing games on the computer.. i was in standard 5 back then and the 1st ever game i played was the infamous Red Alert 2 by EA.. i still love the game much, but the 3rd version was a failure.. i don't know why did the developers stopped using the concept of 'different countries with different specialties' as in USA for its paratroopers, Germany for its grand cannon and so on...

Alright, was talking too much about games.. should really go get some sleep.. its almost 4 in the morning =.= That's all folks, will be updating later.. =] thaks so much for stopping by.. Chaoz..

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