Dec 7, 2009


Ever heard of someone spending 7hours plus in PC fair and yet not an exhibitor there? Apparently you are browsing through that guy's blog =.= i'd went to pc fair with dad and three other groups of friends.. the last trip was obviously the most awkward cause exhibitors there must had wondered why in hell is this guy still here, didn't i just saw him in the morning and afternoon?

All thanks to my classmates.. i'd stated myself clear when they first asked me out that if they were to go to pc fair, i will not follow.. they managed to convince me to get in the car and told me their plans for the night.. guess where? and there's no turn-back, the car was already moving and i didn't really plan to be the next jackie chan to jump off the car just to avoid going to pc fair, would make headline in papers the next day..

And... did i mention the part where i spent only 4bucks in pc fair for the car park fee?

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