Dec 5, 2009

Not so Great Job

I really consider myself the laziest man alive now.. i have so many things to do but those things were just least of my concern.. all i care is to sit in front of my comp and stare at the screen.. but, there were times when i can do nothing with the comp, so i go to the living room to just.. do nothing.. the point is.. i have no mood at all to do anything at all..

I'm just asking myself constantly, what should i do? why am i wasting my time studying electronic stuff where i have zero interest in it? why does going to college seem so torturing for me? why do i always feel being left out in academics in school? The thing is, i know i can and will excel in the field of engineering if i had interest in it, but for now, i do feel it is a total waste of time and money taking up this course. I don't want and will not like to get paid for my job in the future, the its-the-end-of-the-month-and-i'm-broke kinda lifestyle just doesn't suit me.

I'm currently documenting the some of the ways Warren Buffett chooses his company to invest in while i should be doing my studies on the coming test.. i'm being forced to something i don't like (studying for tests & doing assignments) and it does make me feel bad if i don't do so, that is why i do it, but at the very last minute. I'm being forced by no one, but my own silliness for choosing this course in the beginning, i'd love to get myself involved in the world of business , with the economics, shares, stocks, annual reports, mammoth takeovers and stuffs.. but loving these things is like a sin for me now as they are not my part of my studies.. For now, the only thing i look forward to is to finish my current course ASAP and leave the field of engineering for good..

For some, you've realized i'd not updated my blog for quite some time.. my apologies.. wasn't in the mood for blogging till now.. and was in a dilemma, for many things.. so, now here, the latest post.. =]

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