Oct 1, 2009

Confidence Issue

Bought the latest issue of Men's Health M'sia by MYSELF, not the international edition because the price of the international edition is technically twice the price of the M'sia edition and dad won't wana buy for me >.< There might be some difference between the two editions like the level of english of the international edition is slightly higher, models are slightly prettier and hotter, articles are slightly complete and global, advertisements are slightly more towards branded stuff instead of those healthcare products of the M'sia ed.(which i like alot), but besides those, the both editions are more or less talking about the same thing.. ( and ya, Kim, i once again emphasize that this magazine isn't about sex la -.- its about self-improvement =] )

Talking about self-improvements.. theres one thing everyone has been critisising me since ever -.- my self-confidence.. There was an article in the magazine about an interview with a female band-of-four, they said that guys with self-confidence are sexy (gone case for me -.-) neither would i be sexy even if i had the confidence, and i know it lahhh XD
Anyways, i have to admit it, my self-confidence is low, and when it comes to the person i like, i'm not even dare to chat much (in msn) k? and i might even shrink to an extend that you can see a miniature jun walking around >.< thats why im such a failure in relationships..

I'm trying hard to boost my self-confidence k? Choo, thanks for teaching me some technics XD will put those in good use.. haha... well, if those of you out there have some good advices, do leave a comment =] Will appreciate that...

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