Oct 10, 2009

Cars of the Year


Was driving home from college one day when i saw this car.. among all tuned cars i'd seen(*note that im not a fan of tuned cars, in fact, i dislike them) this car caught my attention because it looked like a supercar from far.. i realized it was a 'renovated' BMW 3series after a proper glance of it.. and yea, the car is still new.. what a waste.. -.- i still prefer the originals though... =]

(blur, took it with my hp while i was driving.. considered ok already la >.< )


Erm, this car is probably the most luxury car i'd ever seen.. saw it while i was on my way to Pizza Hut in Sunrise for lunch with friends (btw, the 9bucks-after-tax personal set worth every penny paid la, comes with a couple of cheese sticks, a bowl of soup and a choice of pasta, rice or pizza... yummy.. now im hungry agian =.=)(why was i doing advertisements for Pizza Hut? =.=).. ok, talking about the car.. its a Bently, the model? not sure, haha.. but 1 thing is for sure, it doesn't come in cheap.. my friend took a sneek peek at the road tax sticker and it was stated there 'RM15000' as in 15thousand buckarullas... wtf!! its nearly a brand new Perodua Viva every year, just for the road tax.. how about the maintainance? i'm not even dare to think about it.. i guess this car has a capacity of 5000-6000c.c. (based on the road tax fee) and an estimated price tag of 2million (ranges from 1-3mil, not too sure about that) =.=

(those girls weren't the models for the car, they are my friend's gf)

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