Oct 3, 2009

COAT Me Likey

Okla, i know how to spell 'quote' la kayyy.. just playing aroundwith it.. XD

Here's a quote, i'd heard it from fly.fm quite a long time ago and it reads :

'Don't marry the person you can live with, marry the one you can't live without'

To some, i'd mentioned this for the third time.. XD but i just cant resist not posting it.. it's just too true.. well, come think of it.. there might be millions of people who you can share part of your life with, but, there will be only one, one out of millions, billions or maybe that's the only one in this universe that you are willing to share your entire life with(note the word 'WILLING' & 'ENTIRE'), no lies, unfaithfulness, doubtfulness about the relationship involved.. and thats the ideal kinda relationship i want.. yeah, traditional and old-fashioned.. well, sometimes i just cant take my eyes off pretty or hot girls, i admit that, in fact, all guys do that(unless he is gay =.=), its just whether are they willing to admit it or not.. but, the point is, there will be only one out there that i will really like and love..

One of the real life example.. my parents.. loving couple.. well, not in front of me and my sis la (dad isn't good in expressing himself gua, or just the ego-ness XD) (dad is so gonna kill me if he reads this), and they don't wear cute couple tees.. but yet, they had been living happily for 20, coming to 21years... joking, making fun, rising me and sis and everything.. yea, share internally that's what i say.. =] way to go mum and dad... so proud of you both..

cool mummy, cute daddy ^^

People out there, if you're doubtful of the relationship you are having with your other half, try sort it out, discuss with them, or else, worse come to worst, leave them for good.. don't give up the whole forest just for a tree.. the 'forest' here means, well, your life.. so, people, go on, get your asses moving and find the love of your life, you know you'll find it one day.. =]

p/s: spread the love out there while finding for it =]

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