Oct 25, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

It touched my heart and was so near from me, yet so far away.. Time knows when that swiss-made masterpiece will find its way to hang itself around my wrist... so simple yet so elegant the way it ticks.. time seems to stop while you're staring at it.. not to mention the lowercase, arial-fonted 'ck' logo humbly showing itself right out of the cold-hearted-black region.. black mule belt brought the word 'class' to the real world and further enhancing it with a shinny silver casing that encloses the engine of the timepiece itself..

Saw it, love it, asked for it but got ignored.. but theres one way to get it.. the freaking exam results for the 2nd year 2nd sem.. the term is to get good grades, and dad will pay half for that 510bucks timepiece.. sounds easy? try be in my shoes and you'll know the pressure i'm facing.. being a year one electronics engineering student is torturing, being a year two electronic engineering student? i cant find a suitable word to describe that.. but for bebe, i will try =]

Don't know does this model has a real name for it, never mind, i shall call it bebe.. lol... the model is ck k2221175, i can even memorize the model code now, see how much of a die heart fan am i to it?

Picts of bebe:

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