Oct 13, 2009

Riii Saut ssss

*Delayed Post*

Result was out, i got more than what i expected ^^ okla, wasn't that brilliant la, but still.. well, just let me be happy la >.<

wasn't hoping much for this term's exam result.. the 'break up' part did its part, was sad and things changed, need time to get back to myself, but at least i gained back my freedom.. woohoo.. *pops champange* (excuses, excuses....)

besides that i started to study only during the very last week before the exams.. (when i said 'very last week', i mean it, and there were books i haven't touch since the beginning of the semester =.= lazy, i know, but i can't help it, there was just nothing to excite me to start reading, and the subjects were tough.. till an extend where you'd prefer just to lazy around)

but anyways, 'very very' last minute studies seemed to work out for me =D

will try to change it la, no worries XD

----------post ends here----------

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