Oct 21, 2009

Series of Series..

Was ages since this blog was last updated, no worries, nothing went wrong with jun XD he was just not in a mood in doing anything, not even to chat in msn, all he can do was to laze around watching series after series, and they were all so addictive >.<

Here is "you know you love me, XOXO" my all-time favorite.. and there's no such thing as "Gossip Girls is a girl's show" ok? Only people with sense of class and style will fall for that show XD (no offense to those who doesn't watch it, should really try it out, next thing you'll find out is you yourself sitting in front of your screen carving for more =] ) Blake Lively was so awesome in the show, fell in love with her, and Penn Badgley is so cool, love his style and his body... lol.. did i
sound gay? o.0 this will sound more gay --> Love them both >.<

Couple of the year =]

Last but not least, Hero.. just started watching, i know, its season 4 now, well, makes no difference la, will still finish t in time XD this drama is not-too-good, not-too-bad.. maybe its just season 1 im watching, all the intro here, intro there, might get bored some times, but others were still exciting.. oya, Hiro is cute la, lol... not cool at all 1 him >.<

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