Oct 13, 2009

Trip To No Where

Sunday, sunny...

Had a family trip to balik pulau (was dad's idea =.=) since we haven't been there for almost 5years.. lol.. haven't been there for half a decade, and the reason? nothing there really puts up the word 'balik pulau' in mind.. all i can relate 'balik pulau' with is 'trees', 'kampung', more 'trees', and more 'kampungs' =.= i guess thats why there were no tourists there when we visited... and god knows how daddy came out with a idea to have a family trip there (maybe daddy wants to support the local tourism program @.@) instead of Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall... at least i can do some (window) SHOPPING *wink wink* OMFG, i think im becoming a shopaholic real soon, or maybe i am 1 now... >.< get what i meant? kampung!!!

more kampungs!!!


a forest of trees!!! =.=

ok, something new @.@

curious mum, dad and sis went to find out whats in the sea, guess what they found out?

Gurney Plaza for fishes

ok, erm, i wouldn't say this is a pier, maybe a jetty? o.0

no idea whats this, seriously.. school?
anyways, focus on the background scenary la >.<
keypo mummy staring at prawns =.=

parents buying fishes

parents buying more fishes >.< dad had nothing to snap, so he candid-ed us, mum and sis was still buying fish >.< me and my unglam smile

see how cruel humans are

ok, this is balik pulau i guess, nono, im sure

somewhere in between balik pulau and the paya terubong hillside road, was about to sit down to have a cup of tea in the winter-warmers-style setting till i saw the freaking antenna that ruined the view =.=

the only attraction in balik pulau i guess =[
pity that place..

my dad asked if i were to live in balik pulau and earn 20k a month while earning only 4k in the city, where will i choose... i guess the answer is obvious from the way i wrote this post >.<

SITI LAH!!!! (oopss... city XD )

----------post ends here----------

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