Oct 23, 2009

Touch My Body

Went for lot of swimming lately, the reason? duhh... of course to look good =] imagine having an awesome body like penn badgley and being able to fit in clothes that make you look even better.. isn't that cool? started searching for pictures of cool guys (just so you know, i'm not gay..)

Was thinking of going for 6pax previously, but i've seen guys looking good even without 6pax, so i was thinking of having a flat stomach XD guess i'd been talking too much about these kinda things lately.. lol...


Chace Crawford, Nate from Gossip Girls, great body, but not good enough

Josh Duhamel, husband of Fergie, starred many shows too, cool body and good looking

Justin Timberlake with cool abs.. no wonder people calls him the sexiest man in the world

Now, this guy is my aim.. Penn Badgley, boyfriend of Blake Lively, sexiest woman i'd ever seen.. and Penn has a nice body, just look at his arms and chest.. @.@ cool~

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