Oct 13, 2009

Pulau Kopi

Had dinner with daddy, mummy, sis, me, myself and i (that's 6 people in total)... and decided to hit Gurney after that (the Gurney i meant was Gurney Plaza, but dad's Gurney was Gurney Drive =.=) but anyway, it rained + no parking space, and 'Plan Gurney/Gurney Plaza/Gurney Drive' had to be called off..

Tried to find for a parking space around Gurney but ended up doing rounds in Gurney Drive like a car full of siao langs before everyone agreed to have a drink in Coffee Island.. Coffee Island was damn packed la, was a Saturday night (the night before Balik Pulau.. went to Pulau Kopi before heading to Balik Pulau the next day... coincidence? or planned? o.0 just forget about it la... >.<) and after 5mins of standing and staring at everyone sipping their own cup of coffee with full envious, we finally get to sit, under the shelter but near to the end of the it.. it started to drizzle when we were first seated, and it rained cats and dogs a moment after that, we haven't even warm the chairs with our asses and not to mention about placing our orders... we got relocated because the rain splashed and we were filling ourselves up with h2o, FAST!!! it took us another 10mins to find a place in the air-conditioned section (it was a whooping 10mins of standing and staring at everybody else sipping their own cup of coffee with full envious AGAIN >.<) Dad took out his camera (soon to be mine if he buys a new 1) and started snapping photos around after placing his order.. The picts:
Although dad seemed to be striking a pose, he wasn't.. haha..

mummy acting cool

friendly + pretty face

fierce looking when mummy isn't smilling

not-looking-at-the-camera pose i call this @.@

sis =.=

reading hard... lol...

*note: i wasn't posing, something attracted my sight >.<

retarded laugh >.<

not to be vain, but i look good in this =D

the happy couple =D

what la, the waitress =.=

those were magazines =.=

i think dad was reading the menu

Thats all folks, thanks for viewing, have a nice day =]

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